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The Jabal Al Rihane Biosphere Reserve (Latitude 33º 27’01.17” N; Longitude 35º 33’ 47.17”E) coversan area of 18430 ha. at an altitude ranging between 270 meters in the south, wherethe Litani River constitutes a natural boundary, and 1500 meters to the north, at Mzairaa south to the Jezzine and Niha villages; and extends along the ridge of the southern Mount Lebanon Chain overlooking both the Beqaa Valley (Rift Valley) to the East and the Mediterranean sea to the West.

Dr. Shafiq Abouzayd
Email: [email protected]
Landline: ++44-1865-514041 (UK)
Mobile: ++44-7977-495150 (UK)
Landline: ++961-7- 825053 (Jabal Rihane – Lebanon)
Mobile ++961-3-142216 (Lebanon)

Or you contact the president of the Society of Jabal Rihane for the Protection of the Environment (Arabic speaking):

Mr. Mohammad Faqih
Rihane – Jezzine – South Lebanon
Mobile: 00961-3- 732344 or ++961 71 617477
Landline: ++961-1-382378
Email: [email protected]

Read the UNESCO report

The World Network is governed by the Statutory Framework adopted by the UNESCO General Conference in 1995 which presents the definition, objectives, criteria and the designation procedure for biosphere reserves. The actions recommended for the development of biosphere reserves are set out in the “Seville Strategy”